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MDVI Euronet

Groupphoto of the MDVI Meeting in Helsinki 2016


MDVI Euronet is committed to improving knowledge, understanding and good practice in the education of children and young people with a severe visual impairment and additional disabilities by:

Raising awareness of the needs of children and young people with MDVI.

Developing and building a knowledge base of good practice in MDVI education.

Maintaining a communication network for MDVI practitioners to share good practice.



Spring 2016

The MDVI Euronet General Meeting took place from April 19- April 22 in Helsinki, Finland. Link to the notes of the MDVI meeting in Helsinki:
Presentations will be visable within the near future.

Newsletter 2014

Summer 2014 Newsletter

Dear all, our latest newsletter has just been published. Lots to read including updates on the network's European projects, a presentation on a future project in juvenile NCL (Battens) and details of a Visio project to record a learner's tactile profile.

Download the newsletter here:

Quarterly Update

For more information on news from MDVI Euronet, visit Quarterly Updates.


Svenska skolan för synskadade; School and Resource Centre for children with visual impairment in the Swedish-speaking areas of Finland, has the pleasure of inviting you to a seminar in Mathematics for Learners with Visual Impairment and Learners with MDVI (Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairment).

October 27th – 28th, 2014

The aim of the seminar is to share knowledge and best practice within the field of mathematics for learners with visual impairment and/or MDVI.

Registration Maths Finland 2014

Invite Maths Finland 2014

The target group of the seminar is educational staff involved in mathematics for learners with visual impairment or MDVI.

An additional aim of the seminar is to discuss the possibility of having a cooperation project under the umbrella of ERASMUS+.

Download Invite and Registration Forms here:

March 2014

MDVI Euronet has long held an ambition to look at the issue of Mathematics and VI/MDVI. In October 2013, delegates attended a seminar organised in Norway examining this area over two days. The organisers have now shared all the presentations delivered at the seminar. This file is available for download here:

Step Up Newsletter 4


Step Up

The Orientation and Mobility Project, Step Up! continues to make great progress with the project outputs coming together well. Read about the latest meeting of Step Up! which took place in Finland here.

MDVI Euronet Summer 13 Newsletter

July 2013

MDVI Euronet summer newsletter available for download from here.

In this edition, details of how to apply for the first MDVI Euronet research grant, call for those interested in forming a preparatory group for a Socrates Project in VI-ASD along with further details about the Mathematics Seminar in Norway.

Lega Study

May 2013

Introduction to VI-Autism Course

RNIB Pears Centre for Specialist Learning, Coventry, are holding an introduction to VI-ASD on Wednesday, 12 June 2013. For more information, including an application form, please go to Quarterly Update page.

April 2013

MDVI Euronet steering group members will meet in Molfetta in Itlay, hosted by the Lego del Filo d'Oro in April. This meeting will plan the activities of the network in the year to come.

March 2013

ChildVision Ireland welcomed 3 colleagues from Estonia who participated in a week long study visit, part funded through the Comenius In-Service programme. Contact your National Agency which looks after EU education programmes if you'd like to participate in a study visit.

February 2013

The second meeting of Step Up! Comenius project took place in Luxembourg. This Orientation, Mobility and Independence project aims to publish ideas for parents, families and non-O&M professionals in how they can support the development of foundation skills to promote independent movement.

MDVI Euronet Autumn Newsletter

December 2012

Download a pdf of the latest MDVI Euronet Newsletter. In this bumper edition:

- First announcement of a seminar in mathematics for children with visual impairment and children with MDVI
- Action research
- Supporting learners with VI-ASD
- Faith and people with disabilities
- The strategic plan for a school for children with visual impairment

and much more including details of various EU funded research projects.

December 2012

Block Magic is a research project funded by the EU Life Long Learning programme of the EU Commission. It's aim is to introduce a new teaching methodology and technology targeting young children who are attending pre-school or the early years of primary school.

Block Magic will provide a highly motivating approach to teaching a broad range of specific logical, mathematical, language, strategic and social skills which will be important for learners in later life. Block Magic will support the acquisition of life skills where alternative teaching methods may be less effective.

One of the partners for Block Magic is the Lega Del Filo d'Oro, a founding MDVI Euronet partner.

For more information please visit .

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